Werewolves of Eden

Eden is hunter terrEden is hunter territory. So why are the Werewolves so desperate to reclaim it?
Cheyenne Martin comes from a long line of hunters. When her classmate Noah is attacked, she goes after the Weres responsible. She uncovers a plot to create a new race of Weres from humans. With the Alpha trying to get her to join them and her father trying to stop her from hunting, it is up to Cheyenne to stop them herself before its too late.

Brewing Storm

For Tempest Knox, discovering she was a witch was just the beginning of her troubles. Dealing with loss, betrayal and powers she can't control, Tempest just wants to drink and forget everything. Will is happy to help.
Will has become her only ally, but is he using her so she will break his curse?

Tempest's whole world falls apart again when she loses another loved one. Someone is out to get her, to wipe the Knox line off the face of the earth.

As time runs out, Tempest must figure out who is after her, but it is someone she won't see coming, until it is too late.

In Defense of Lucifer

Jeanie is paying for her sins with 500 years of servitude in Hell. Her job? Bodyguard to the Prince of Darkness himself.

All Jeanie wants is to do her time and earn her place in Heaven, if she can survive Lucifer first. With a new threat facing them, she will have her work cut out for her. Her job is made even harder by the fact that she is starting to develop feelings for Lucifer.

Can she stay professional? Or will she give into her desires?

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