Werewolf Fact File

Werewolves turn on the full moon
They are allergic to silver
Wolfsbane can harm them too
They are stronger and faster as wolves


Werewolf Myths

There are many myths and legends surrounding werewolves. From silver bullets to Wolfsbane. This section contains information on everything furry! Stories of werewolfs and similar shape shitfting creatures appear throughout history from Ancient Greece to medieval France and even to the present day. Many films have been made and books written about these creatures. One of the most famous Werewolf films is An American Werewolf in London, which featured a young man who is attacked by a Werewolf and who kills people against his will. This seems to be a common factor in Werewolf stories- the wolf versus the man. I admit it makes for compelling reading as we see who will win out. Current examples of werewolf tales are new Syfy show Bitten, based on the Kelley Armstrong books and MTV's Teen Wolf.

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